Elizavellas Original Art Gallery

My Original Art paintings, drawings and digital art

Womans Lips dripping liquid gold original art


The meeting of the Gods Original art ink drawing

Skeleton Lover Day Of The Dead original art ink drawing

Abstract rainbow womans Eye aceo original art drawing

Geometric shape abstract aceo art painting

Handsomest Man in The Village original digital art

Starry Night witch Original digital art

Wizards with pet dragons original fantasy art pen drawing

Gargoyle dragon original fantasy pen drawing

sea Siren Queen original fantasy art painting

Mermaid twin sisters original art drawing

Bayou Swamp Fairy original fantasy art drawing

Fairy of Light original fantasy art

Red witch with leopard animal familiar original horror art

1920s fairy lovers original fantasy art painting

Big Eyed flower Girl markers and acrylics painting

Puppy dog wearing a pink dress colored pencil drawing

moons planets with faces original celestial fantasy art markewrs drawing

Lady of the birds original art ink drawing

Big Eyed Platinum Hair Ethnic child original painting

fallen angels banished from heaven original ink drawing

happy little flower original whimsical fantasy fairytale painting

scarecrow demon guardian of the underworld original horror art

The Countess original vampire woman original art drawing

radiant glowing guardian angel original pencil drawing

knights vision of Angels original ink drawing

gargoyle original ink drawing

abstract zombie man horror art drawing

vampire bat lady original horror ink drawing

eagle flying over lake markers abstract original art drawing

victorian lady original portrait art drawing

Black werewolf boy in new orleans, french quarter original horror art

Steampunk boy with robot dog and time travel machine original art

Little black girl and over protective werewolf father werewolves family original horror fantasy art

Giant Clown Girl and Skeleton playing harp original horror circus freaks art

All cars go to heaven original abstract surreal art

apples fruit original colored pencil cubist abstract art

The Meeting Of The Gods original art drawing

Red skull abstract horror original art

Woman At A Hair Salon original art ink drawing

Highland Cow Animal original art ink drawing

Wizard of Oz Montage original painting

Lost Ghost Children Original Horror art

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